So many of us are looking in the mirror and wonder how our bodies mysteriously look so different. As over night we gained weight, got cellulite in places we didn’t know that we could get it. We look tired, overworked, and stressed. According to the World Health Organization, the occurrence of overweight Americans has doubled since 1980. If this is to be our trend more than 68% of us will be overweight by 2030 ( that’s only 10 years from now). What is the most concerning is that being overweight makes us susceptible to many health problems.

People in general hold a value to healthy eating and exercise, but simply it is not all that we can do to help stop this trend. Body wraps, can and will help detox your body, energy boosting, help rid cellulite and improve overall health. UCLA determined that not all body wraps are made equal. One type that is proven to help improve overall health are wraps that are niacin based.

So what makes them better, niacin body wraps have proven to improve circulations, and lymphatic flow, which people who suffer from diabetes or any disease that retards circulation, will see improvement. The other great part is that it will help pull out the toxins and allow cellulite to melt away.

This thing is any body type will develop cellulite. Cellulite will not discriminate. Cellulite is a toxic condition that distributes water, fat, and toxins unevenly in the body and it gets caught under the connective tissue right below the skins surface. It is very common to be accompanied by edema, swelling, and lack of circulation.

Poor diet, hormones imbalance, and dehydration are common reasons that cellulite might worsen over time. Continued lifestyle choices may make it worsen over time.

One way to combat this is going through a detox program and using niacin based body wraps, this will promote circulation and lymphatic flow by cleaning out tissues in the body. To make this a permanent win over cellulite a liver detox and external detox through the tissues.

So how this all works, niacin based wraps wake up the lymphatic flow. The Lymph system collects the toxins, bacteria, germs, virus, and anything else that doesn’t belong in the body and gets them out of the body. The problem is that poor diet and and lack of exercise can cause the lymph system to become sluggish and overworked.

So when a detox is done simultaneously with body wraps we see tremendous results. This process is detoxing the outside and the inside at the same time. How it works is that is loosens up, breaking down and freeing the trapped toxins through normal body functions. This process has been proven to to restore the skin’s elasticity, and will not dehydrate or age the skin.

To learn more about niacin based wraps or to experience this amazing detoxing process, contact Naomi or Sonya at ND Life Spa 701-751-4485.