As you push your cart down the vast aisles at your favorite shopping spot trying to locate or figure out which supplements with would best support your needs. You might quickly get lost in the sea of thousands of brands and false claims that are promising you some sort of miracle. When you finally make a decision and you are feeling pretty good about your decisions you check out spend your hard earned money, go home thinking that you will be cured. but here’s the kicker to your adventure most of the supplements that are on the market make a false promise to you and your health and they just robbed your bank account.

So how can you figure out how to tell what supplements will work and what will be a complete waster of money?
Since the FDA sees supplements as real food they do not set to many regulations on the supplements manufacturing. So as you can see this will allow many companies to fool you into believing that they are the best when in relativity they have deceived you and possibly made your health get worse.
April 2015, New York’s attorney General did a special operation that would force many major supplement retailer in the New York to a DNA analysis to prove what was in their products. Sadly over 80% of those supplements were proven to not be what they actually said that they were. They deceived people into thinking that they were buying a supplement like vitamin A when in reality it didn’t even have traces of that vitamin in it. Only 20% of the products out there had some conscious and had there correct ingredients listed.
Holy Moly you are most likely thinking how can these well names huge supplement companies be actually not going to jail or being put out of business for this type of fraudulent activity? The major issue is, is that there is no one out there to keep an eye on these companies. Since the FDA looks at it as a food product all they basically care about is if it being made in a a “relatively” clean environment. We all have heard of the standards that Ketchup is being held to, they are allowed so many part bugs. So can you actually think that those supplements are being held to anything higher? To be frank, they can have rodent hairs in the product and it still be considered clean. YUCK, Barf!!! So if you are like me and do not think that is okay raise your hand and I will tell you why the products we have are so much better.
The Difference
1. Only the BEST!
M’Lis products use American growers, this way we can keep a close eye on how things are being grown and harvested, possibly it helps keep the supply chain at our finger tips and not of some random supplement house’s word for the quality. If you wanted to you could go out to the fields where these ingredients are being harvest and touch it.

2. Triple Checked
Double check…..Nope- the products that we use are triple checked to ensure you are getting what we say you are getting. All the ingredients in our products come off the field from a harvest and then is put into a time out so the laboratory can test the quality of the product. This way you are not ingesting something that is not supposed to be there. We believe that our patients or clients deserve only top notch.
3. Synergizing
Another thing that is factored into our products. Some people will not respond to certain supplements. This is why it was so important to us that we find supplements that have ingredients that work together so no matter what or who you are the supplements will work in your body.
4. Absorption

Pretty important. If what you are purchasing can not be absorbed well what good will that do for you no matter how potent the ingredient is? We choose a product that is encapsulate meaning you can break it open that the insides will fall out. They will also dissolve in seconds in the stomach so you can pull them into your body.
WE can talk about tablets, we all have seen them, possibly taken them thinking that we are doing our bodies good. So here’s the low down on that. minerals and herbs in their pure natural form are not sticky, so for them to be pressed together to form a hard tablet fillers need to be added. Basically a glue to hold it all together. Isn’t that what we tell our young children not to eat? IT isn’t just a glue it is fillers, binding agents and shellacs. Some are made from corn products and milk. This then posses an issue for people who are allergic.
Not because we just don’t want to eat glue hard tablets will not dissolve in the body. The way it went in and down the hatch is the way it will come out some hours later. You might still be able to read the label on the tablet. You just spent a ton of money on something that you will just flush right down the toilet.
Do your body right, we did the research for you, what we have to offer is an amazing product that will do your body and health good.