Many of us know the importance of “pH balance” for our skin, but have you ever considered pH as a crucial aspect to your overall health? When it comes to wellness, pH balance affects everything from your skin to your metabolism to the creation of new cells to the production of hormones and so much more.

What is pH?

pH is the term for an important acid, neutral, and basic balance that happens in your body. The pH scale runs from 0-14. Neutral pH is 7, anything below 7 becomes acidic, and above 7 seven is alkaline.

pH Balance chart

Does It Matter to Maintain a Balance?

To make this simply your body want to be at certain pH, The point being that is all about the chemistry: Base level, the body is nothing more than a series of chemical reactions that are constantly happening. For any process that has to happen in our body it requires it to be at a specific pH level for this to actually happen. For instance, your metabolism, creation of hormone and cells. If the pH is unbalanced, the chemical reactions can not take place. This is why it is vital to maintain your body’s pH.

How Your Body Sustains Your pH

Your body will do about anything to maintain your long term health in the maintenance of your pH this is a matter of survival. There is less than a one-degree swing in pH that is sustainable for life long-term. So that means if there’s a wandering level within your pH, your body’s unable to function and essentially cannot survive it.

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It is a fact that the body will steal from anywhere to maintain the pH. It will begin to rob the muscles and nerves even our bones and teeth of minerals such as, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. This is why we have a built in buffer system that works hard to maintain the livable pH- No matter what!

How to Support pH Balance

The body pH measurement that matters is not in saliva; it’s not in your blood because, as we just mentioned, your body doesn’t allow that actually to move very much. The pH that we’re concerned about is actually when we measure at the kidney, called the renal acid measurement.

With foods, we can grade them by something we call the potential renal acid load or PRAL. The potential renal acid load tells us how much of food causes an acid load on your kidney that has to be rectified at the kidney by the bicarbonate buffer system. Some foods cause a net acidic reaction, some foods cause a net basic reaction, and some foods are pretty neutral. The goal is not to think of acid as “bad” and alkaline as “good”. We simply want to make sure that what we’re eating is providing enough balance of basic or alkaline foods to offset the acidic foods that we eat.

Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

Foods that we eat that are plant are alkalizing. Food that we get from animals is basically acidic. We see that processed foods will also be acidic even processed grains. So do not count those as a plant based food. Proteins that we get from animals are have some great benefits to us will test neutral but will metabolize and be acidic. So it would be important to always be eating alkalizing foods when eating foods from animals.

pH Balance spectrum chart

It’s also to be aware of the food on your plate. Lemons might be acidic outside of my body, when it really is alkalizing. It will be come a basic in the body and renal acid load (kidneys) it will burn into a metabolic ash and in the kidneys it is very alkalizing and that is what matters the most to our health.

Long Term Damage from Acidity

When the body is too acidic it will lead to various health issues, including cardiovascular disease, brittle bones, diabetes complications, and possibly different types of cancers. Having your body running acidic is very common for people who are not eating enough fruits and vegetables. it will then start up the buffer system and start pulling from the different parts of the body to help neutralize the acidity.

This example is is how the body is truly amazing in how it works to keep us healthy. But as the body starts to buffer some of this acid it will also cause the bile in the body to not process correctly, then gallstones can form. Thus having many people missing gallbladders. Leaving them with a digestive disability for the remainder of their lives.

We don’t want to see our patients go through any unneeded procedures or medical expenses. So please pay attention to the pH in your body and eat many leafy greens, vegetables, fruit, and really cut down any processed foods. .

If you make sure you’re eating the right type of foods to maintain an excellent healthy pH balance, your body will thank you for it in both short-term and long-term, as it will be able to function at the proper pH level without having to rob your body of nutrients, using the bicarbonate buffer system.

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