Dear Friend,
“I know you.” That is what some people say when they meet me in town. “You’re Dr. Blackwood over at ND Life Spa.” In case you do not know me, I am the man in the picture.

Perhaps I should tell you a little more about that photo, and why I chose to use it here. Let us start with the kids. They are just in love with life, being happy and free. Because of this, kids can be very gullible and believe things that are not true. It reminds me of how people sometimes end up doing things they do not know much about, me included……

19-years ago I was in a serious car accident. The pain following the accident was tremendous. I was eventually told that there was nothing that could be done for my pain (other than meds) and I would likely have to live the rest of my life with this chronic pain. Due to the intense head and neck pain (as well as ankle), I was unable to do the things I loved in life; like playing golf, softball, basketball, hunting and fishing, even being a father. After considering a lifetime of pain management via prescription drugs (that was my best option, according to some specialists) I decided to keep searching. But there’s more…..

See, I had a lot of problems going on in my body. The doctors gave me plenty of medication and even offered surgery (some of which I went through) to try to help me; but I was still having many problems. I had high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, head/neck/shoulder/back pain and fibromyalgia to name a few of my symptoms.

I had tried every way I knew to treat away the symptoms and disease. Even a lot of natural or holistic methods (essential oils, acupuncture, traditional chiropractic, etc.); but nothing made any lasting difference with my symptoms, in fact, with all the treating, naturally or with medication, I was gradually getting sicker. My problems were getting worse. I was in more pain; I was constantly getting sick and I was having new issues like depression & fatigue.

But in all the places I went, no one ever asked me the most important question. I started realizing that treating away the symptoms & illness was not working for me.

The universe works on the principle of thing and no thing. Light is the thing, the entity, and darkness is the absence of it. Sound is the thing, and silence is the absence of it. Heat is the thing and cold is the absence of heat.
But some time ago our culture got this switched. They said disease and symptoms were the thing and the absence of symptoms and disease was health. So, they began trying to treat away the symptoms and disease, thinking people would be left with health. But as we know today, this is often not the case. Treating symptoms and disease does NOT leave you with true health & longevity.

You must ADD to your health to be healthy. Period! Symptoms and disease are the expressions of a lack of health and wellbeing. An imbalance (or several). Dr. Blackwood with family photo

You see, it is a lot like light and darkness. When you turn off the light in a room, the room becomes darker. Now, how do you get rid of the darkness? You turn on the light.

Now, you can measure the darkness, the shadows, how wide it is, how long it is, how dark it is, etc, etc. But the shadows, as real as they may look, are simply the absence of light. The cold no matter how cold it feels is simply the lack of heat.

Western medicine is essential at times; however, the symptoms and disease are the result of too much stress and a lack of health. Even cancer is a symptom. In today’s world, you must ADD to your health as well as de- stress the mind and body, to avoid symptoms & disease. This is what we help our patients accomplish at ND Life Spa. Expressing Life!

That is why when I only treated my symptoms, I never got any better.

After years of searching and focusing I found world renowned Naturopathic Doctor’s in Salt Lake City, UT. They helped me completely detoxify my body and taught me holistic nutritional healing. They taught me how to live! Within two months, I was no longer in constant pain and after 3-4 months I was pain free. The other thing I did was I began working with an Upper Cervical Doctor to address the upper neck (brain stem area) issues that had sustained from a lifetime of physical traumas.

But it was more than just being Pain Free!
I continued to receive upper cervical care on a regular basis because I noticed when I was receiving these specific treatments, I had more energy, I slept better, and I stopped getting frequent colds. Before receiving upper- cervical treatments, I would be sick constantly, 8 or 9 times per year. I was not able to go out and do the things I enjoyed. I was sick all winter with colds, migraines, stomach aches, sinus issues, depression, fatigue, and weight-gain.

My symptoms and pain used to dictate what I could do in life. Now I can travel, go fishing, play sports, be a dad; I can do everything that I want to do in life again. Absolutely priceless.

After experiencing amazing results, I wanted other people to learn and experience what I had, so I decided to become an Upper Cervical Doctor. I also teamed up with Dr. Nelson and Dr. Wallace, the Naturopathic Doctors aforementioned. Life is awesome, because now I have solutions when people come to see me with their health struggles: things like neuropathy, infertility, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes, allergies, & vertigo (to name a few). Plus, thanks to these healing protocols, we are proud to be Bismarck’s “Best of the Best” Weight Loss Clinic and I have won multiple awards for my work in weight-loss and natural wellness as well. The healing arts have helped reinforce my realization that I had been trying to cover up my symptoms instead of taking care of the actual underlying problems. ND Life Spa deals with the true underlying causes. We remove the barriers that prevent the body from healing or losing weight naturally, so that full health, fitness & wellness can be expressed!

Two Powerful things to make a profound difference in your health and wellness.

What do your nerves and brain control (and no, this is not the answer to the big question yet)? If you answered EVERYTHING you are correct. They control your digestion, your immune system, your energy levels, how your body handles stress, your sleep, your allergies, your sinuses, your joints, your thyroid, your pain? your…..…Everything!

Have you ever had your nerves checked?
If you are like most people, the answer is no. Yet you have problems with the very things that your nerves control. But you do not know how those nerves are working. What if I could measure this for you with state-of-the-art medical technology (digital infrared paraspinal thermography)? Using this computerized technology, I can find out how your body is functioning, including things like the thyroid!

If the nerves to your stomach are out of balance, how long until your stomach acts up? If the nerves going to your hip are not working, what could happen to your hip?
Thyroid problems, numb hands & feet, libido, fertility (yes, we have helped resolve these too).

If the nerves going to your ________ (insert the things you currently have problems with) are not functioning optimally, what do you think will happen with those parts? They gradually break down and cause symptoms.

One of the best things we do here at ND Life Spa is calm/balance the nervous system. We have some of the best technology in the world right here in Bismarck, ND. Instruments to measure the nervous system, FDA approved lasers for fat loss, as well as neuropathy lasers. We have NASA developed whole body vibration units that stimulate circulation and lymphatic healing (all our treatments are non- invasive of course, meaning no side-effects).

One of our patient Miracles
I was diagnosed with endo & infertility several years ago & I was having a lot of pain from the endo. My husband went to Dr. Blackwood for chronic daily headaches and his results were immediate, so I decided to try Dr. Blackwood for my neck and back pain. Not only did my neck and back get better in a matter of a few treatments, but my endo pain disappeared; BETTER YET, I conceived a child just a few short months later, after years of trying to conceive (Doc told me to expect hormone balancing benefits when I first saw him for my back pain, but I was obviously skeptical). Come to find out I am one of many women that he has helped with endometriosis and infertility.
Emily G. – South Dakota

Your Body is a self healing machine. You cut your finger and it heals. So why doesn’t your body heal all your symptoms? It should, right?

Things like infertility, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive problems, etc?

What is the Question that no one has ever asked you before?

Why isn’t your body healing itself properly? Has anyone ever asked you this question? And if they have, has there ever been an attempt to answer why? Your body will heal itself when you figure out and remove the things that are interfering with your natural ability to heal & be well (that is what we do here at ND Life Spa).

When we remove the stresses blocking your healing, what do you think your body will do? Your body CAN heal itself. Oh, but there is a side effect of this… “award winning,” healthy weight-loss!

So how does this relate to the picture of me with all the kids (and yes, believe it or not, they are all mine)? To me it all comes down to the basics and wonders of nature. Healing is natural. When you cut your finger, your body kicks into gear and the healing begins. You do not have to concentrate on this healing because your inner wisdom does this naturally (when you’re well).
We use many healing arts & technologies that help your body heal the underlying causes (with no side-effects) versus only treating the symptoms like much of mainstream medicine today (even many “natural treatments” may be only addressing symptoms in many instances).

Kids do not get in the way of this natural healing process. It is just naturally expressed, which is why they often heal so quickly and fully.

So how do we get in the way of our healing? By doing the things we know we should not be doing, but we do them anyway. Things like eating sugar, overeating, not exercising enough, not drinking enough water, drinking things that we know are not good for us, not properly handling stress in our life, not sleeping, and having slips, bumps, bruises, accidents that affect our bones, joints, muscles, nerves, etc.

Here are some more of our patient miracles: “I had been going to Mayo for two years for Rheumatoid Arthritis & PCOS. I was put on chemo drugs & other strong medications for my symptoms, but my joints kept hurting, plus I was not having a menstrual cycle at all! Then, only halfway through my 12-week program at ND Life Spa I was pain-free, off all the meds, down 12lbs, PLUS I was again having my cycle.
Absolutely amazing. Above & beyond what I expected (even though doc told me to expect all of it).” Katelyn V. Bismarck, ND~ 23-years-old

“I started coming to see Dr Blackwood after I had told a friend about all the problems I was having. She worked for him. Over the 6 years before seeing him I was paying out of pocket $2,000 every 3 months for cervical nerve blocks in my neck to treat severe pain and numbness in my right arm and wrist. After seeing Dr. Blackwood for only 2 weeks, I haven’t had any problems and I’m literally saving thousands because I don’t need the expensive shots anymore”. – Melissa K. (Bentley, ND)

“I was planning on Mayo Clinic and electrical implants in my head for chronic migraine. I had tried everything from chiropractors to natural doctors. I was desperate and tried ND Life Spa. Three wks. into my 12wk program with Dr. Blackwood I was headache free.”
-Dina B.

“Before I started my 12wk plan at ND Life Spa I was diagnosed with an incurable digestive disorder plus infertility. My husband & I were told not to do fertility treatments b/c according to them I was going through menopause in my early 40s. With Dr. Blackwood the digestive disorder completely cleared up & just weeks after my treatment plan with Doc we found out we were pregnant & last year I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. We’re forever grateful to Doc.” – Liz & Troy Ricciardi

Note: These patients had a lot in common. They were open minded and invested in their health. When you bring in this article (by 02/28/21) you will receive your wellness or weight-loss (or both) consultation for only $25. This visit is typically $125. Our treatments are valuable yet affordable, and you will be happy to know that we offer Care Credit and other financing options. Our modern culture is interesting as people commonly pay several thousand dollars per year for insurance in case they get injured or ill. One visit to an ER is often thousands. Our treatments are affordable, & they add to your health unlike many western treatments. High costs can add up very quickly. We are literally changing and improving people’s lives and futures for the price of fixing a couple teeth at the dentist. Also, our treatments deal with the root issues (pun intended), so typically there is less ongoing treatment & expense with us, compared to symptom-based treatment options.

Another way to save . . . Studies show that your immune capacity improves with our treatments. Did you know eating 4 servings of cruciferous vegetables per week can cut a man’s chances of prostate cancer by 50%? These are the things we are teaching at ND Life Spa. The immune system fights colds, the flu (including COVID), cancers & more; so, you may not be running off to the western doctors as much. Also, studies show that people pay less for their long-term health care expenses if they are at a healthy weight. Plus, being overweight can increase a woman’s chance of developing all types of cancer by 60%. Therefore, I teamed up with Dr. Nelson to bring the best holistic weight-loss programs to ND (not just our opinion either).

We are a true wellness center. We have organic detoxifying body wraps, infrared sauna & much more. I also study mind-body healing to help patients reverse their old patterns of stress & illness thinking. Our coaches will teach you how to eat and be healthy for life. Getting healthy STOPS the gain/loss cycle! You will have access to the knowledge of our Doctors, Naturopaths, massage therapists, & amazing staff to help you on your health journey. I also study neuropathy and have developed the best natural neuropathy protocols in the world. Fact: We are changing lives of neuropathy sufferers!

Sound Exciting? Check us out online (we have amazing reviews) or come in & experience ND Life Spa in person. Do not let the name (spa) fool you. It is about wellness, not just weight-loss. Ask me how I lost over 30lbs and have kept it off effortlessly for over a decade now. Call & ask to speak with my assistant Naomi & learn how I helped her or ask her how we treat thyroid issue & have seen goiters shrink & people eliminate thyroid meds or heal from other hormone issues. We love our patients & they love us. We have the absolute best products, services & especially staff!

Call us at 701-425-6137 & mention this ad for your $25 no obligation consultation or ask us about our other New Patient specials, allowing you to try some of our phenomenal treatments.