How to Eat Healthy when on the Go!



By: Naomi – ND Life Spa

When you glace at your schedule and realize that your week ahead is full of long days at work and then off to some evening event and think to yourself, I guess I will start my diet next week I just do not have the time to be healthy. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean that you can not find healthy options that are easy to access.

Even though best option would be to prepare your meals at home with real foods. But what happens when all you got is the gas station down the road or a quick bite at that diner down the street.

So, if you are thinking yeah right this is not possible, Think again. It is it just might take you a little more planning or thinking ahead.  This is doable, it can be healthy and satisfying. I feel it is your number one job to keeping yourself healthy is to eat real food. Who wants to be sitting in your office chair or on a plane miserable, constipated or even worse not having a place to go when you just need that private time?  Don’t do that to yourself its easy to not eat the junk.

When all we do is run, and the world seems to spin faster with each day here are some tips that might help you plan or think more about eating on the Go.

Check it out

If you are traveling look ahead. (The wonders of google) plan where you will stop for a pit stop, gas or a snack. The cool thing is now that more people are demanding that they have a healthier option. There hasn’t been a gas station that I have been in that only offers sodas and candy. You can easily spot a piece of fruit, beef jerky, nuts, and seeds, and maybe a hard-boiled egg.

If you find a local restaurant on your trip look ahead at the menu to make sure it would be a good fit for you and your needs. This way you are not making rash quick decisions to drive through the quickest fast food where you will fill up on overly processed foods.

Be your own chef

Have you ever traveled to a city or a destination that doesn’t have a grocery store nearby?  Even if it the store has one aisle you will be able to find foods that are nutritious. Fruit, eggs, vegetables that are easy to eat. Nuts or even nut butters would be easily assessable to maintaining a real food diet.

Before you leave pack a cooler that would be easily for you to pack meats and cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. When we have easy foods that are quick for us to access when we are having that craving it will be easy to make the correct choice and not a choice that might make you regret it when you become bloated or when you step on the scale once home again and see that you have gained five pounds.



Who doesn’t like to be waited on after a day of traveling? I sure do. Here are some ideas that might help you find the right place to eat at that won’t wreak your health goals. Ask for gluten free menus here is where you will find options that will align with your eating habits. Pick the steamed vegetable that they are offering. When in a bind you can always order a burger or sandwich just hold the bread and eat the guts. Bring your own dressings with you this way you know that you are staying on track, and you won’t be regretting it.


Fast paced days- nights- and weekends

This is for the people that never sleep. Pre plan. When you make your lists for shopping add these quick and easy things that you can through in a bag or your purse when you are on the go.

Protein balls, fresh deli meats (not the processed and then smashed back together kinds) hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, cut up veggies (carrots, snap peas, celery etc..) easy nut butter pouches, protein bars, coconut flakes, nuts and seeds are all super healthy gut saving options.

Prepare a gluten free roll up options. Use lettuce instead add your favorite organic clean deli meats and a pickle. And Tada a healthy option to sandwiches.

Who hasn’t seen the tuna pooches or salmon pouches? Super easy to throw in a bag for a quick healthy snack or meal.  The world runs on fumes most of the time so there has been some innovative food options that are readily available. Apple slices, mini packs of veggies and such.

So, when you feel like you have no time. Stop and think to yourself about the things that you could chose to make your life a little healthier, and if you think of something else that maybe I haven’t seen or even thought about share that with me and ND Life Spa.