It’s that time of year. For people who want to start making healthy changes, or maybe have started making healthy changes already, this can be a difficult time.

Opportunities to overeat and make terrible, sugary choices are presenting themselves. Holiday baking, Holiday meals, tradition or whatever you want to call it, it is all upon us and tempting. You start with having a little of that here and a little of this there, foods that you know you shouldn’t have, and then pretty soon, everything is falling off the tracks.

You keep thinking with the New Year you will make the changes, but when the clock strikes 12AM on January 1st, it is hard to make that big shift and change things when you are off of work, it’s a Friday and pretty soon you’ll start Monday, and then the next Monday, and pretty soon that resolution is a faint memory and a lot of “could of,” “should of,” “would of.”

You will be less likely to follow through with the resolution you are planning to make if it isn’t something you are already doing and you aren’t using practices you have already put in place!

Setting yourself up for success is key! What better way to enter the New Year than to focus and continue to practice habits you already have been doing, just maybe at a more consistent pace!

The more you put healthy habits into practice now, the more successful you will be, come resolution time (and the more likely you are to keep that pattern up!) Want to workout every week, be better at taking vitamins, eat healthier meals, or all of the above? Start now and it’ll be like second nature!

If you want to make changes and haven’t started yet, don’t wait. Preparation is key and a big part of success, get your supplements ready, your workout gear and clothes out, your meal plans made and set yourself up for success in the New Year!