The one thing that we all can agree on is that protein shakes are an essential part of a nutritional diet. What is certain is that it needs to help you reach your personal weight loss or health goals. These protein shakes should be apart of your goals to weight loss, better health, or even to aid in better skin, hair and nails. Nevertheless, they are clearly not all created with the same quality. This is a frightening thought that you might be nourishing your body with complete garbage. These will be then counter productive to your goals and could actually be damaging your body.

We strive on high quality, efficient, great ingredients in every product, but to get you on the right track wee have provided the five ingredients that you will need to be mindful, that will help you choose the perfect shake, or if you need to just walk away from it.

1. Soy
What we are seeing is that soy protein isn’t as common as it was previously, it is with education that people are becoming more educated about the issues that come with soy. It was so popular in the past that you almost could find a shake that was out there without it. Soy is very low quality protein that comes with a multiple problems.

Number One Product for GMOs
Why is a GMO product even being used in our nutrition? Soy is ranked one product that is almost always modified. As we learn more and more about the dangers of GMOs it is important for you to steer clear of anything that would be genetically modified. It will only run a wrecking ball right through all your health goals that you have setup.

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Health Risks of Phytoestrogens
What we are seeing is that soy is phytoestrogenic. What does that mean for you? well it means that the plant compounds will be treated in your body as estrogen, it is very dangerous for both men and women. This has been linked to the increase of breast cancer in younger people. Scary!

For men well this means that it will completely off set your testosterone, taking away what makes you manly. As soon as the levels of estrogen rise in a mans body it will over take the testosterone, this is why around the world where soy is a big part of men’s diets we are seeing fertility issues, less muscle mass, more fat storage, less drive and even have higher risks of depression and have a poor outlook to life.

2. Denatured Whey
Denatured Whey – this is a quick and cost effective way of getting whey. This will make digesting the protein harder on your body. It will not break down properly and you won’t be getting all the proper amino acids that you thought you were paying for. So when looking for a good Whey protein all ways look for non-denatured whey.

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False Savings Trap
Why would people damage the whey protein to extract it? The answer is because denaturation is a cheap and fast method to process whey protein. So usually, when you’re dealing with a discount whey protein, it’s a denatured protein that has been extracted either by heat or chemicals. It is also why you may not feel so good after you ingest it.

The protein in our nutritional shakes Solutions4 nutritional shake are 100% digestible and you will receive the 20 grams of protein. The difference is that the Whey protein that we use in our nutritional shakes is cold pressed, non-denatured whey. If you are buying a whey protein that might be low quality but states 20 grams of protein your body really might be only processing and using 20-30% which would be about 4-6 grams of that 20 grams that it is stating. Leaving you will a belly full of junk.

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3. Caseinates
Caseinates are the large proteins and in abundance in cow’s milk. The main purpose is to create a bigger cow. The difference is that cow’s can easily break this down due to they have a completely different digestion process, with their multiple stomachs they are able to break this down. For us humans we have a struggle to break that protein down. So simple they won’t break down properly or fast.

After work outs you specially do not want the casein protein. It won’t allow your body to break down the protein fast enough and help your body, muscle recover from your work out. However,m if you main goal is to build a lot of muscle, it will work like it does for the cows- going those big cows. So if this is your goal it would be beneficial to drink a protein that is full of casein before bed. While you are sleeping you would be able to allow your body to break down the proteins and build bulk. So vise versa if your goal is to be lean then casein protein will not be your friend. So stay away from them.

4. Added Refined Sugars
We are simply ingesting or consuming to much sugar. Many people are consuming far more than the recommended amount. Sugar is one of the main issues that we all face in our regular diets. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are: Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons)

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What we are finding that many of those “healthy” protein shakes will have almost 25 grams of sugar added to them. They are hoping to get better reviews, sales if their products taste better to the consumer fooling them that they are doing themselves good buy eating a healthy shake. In reality it is the last place that you should be seeing refined added sugars. However, if you are seeing a shake that has natural sugars in them that is okay. So be on the lookout for those added sugars

5. Chemical Sweeteners
Chemical- who wants that in their bodies? Chemical sweeteners are simply dangerous and have some really ugly side effects.

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Aspartame wasn’t even meant for humans to consume it. It is poison to the body. This is one ingredient that you should be looking for in your protein shake and if you find it put that shake down and keep looking.

This sweeteners was discovered by accident in a lab- What they found that it was about 600% sweeter than sugar and wouldn’t add any calories into your diet. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well how it is chemically created. ( there’s that word again Chemical) the process is that it replaces the hydrogen- oxygen with 3 chlorine atoms. So when we ingest this product it can only process it like it was created for about 25 % leaving us with 75% of it that we will process as regular sugar.

This has been then linked to higher blood sugars and devastating to our gut health, some studies have actually proven that even after sustained use of sucralose it will negatively affect the good bacteria in the gut.

Ace K
So if you are a little leary about what you are putting into your body, especially if its controversial. It might be in your best interest to stay away from Ace-K.

So by just picking up a product and going over the label you will easily be able to pick out the sweeteners. So Ace-K will be detectable it will be labeled as acesulfame potassium, acesulfame K or Ace-K. you might be able to find it as Sunnet or Sweet one this is according to the FDATrusted Source

Some of the products that you can almost for sue see this ingredient in would be your sugar-free or lower sugar products. This could be your diet sodas, process prepackaged “diet” foods.

This sweetener has been linked to many ugly side effects it is even see to be linked to cancers, gut issues, depression or a mood disorder, damage your liver, and so many more.

Last Thought for You to Ponder

If you are pushing your buggy around the store or shopping online for a great protein shake, keep in mind that you deserve the best for your body, so look for those great ingredients, grass-fed whey that is non-denatured ( so you can actually digest it) no refined or chemical sweeteners added. Always read the ingredients it will be able to tell if it is worth your health or not. Sales will drive any product so even if a salesperson or marketing tells you that it is healthy for you, take the time to look over that label and that will be able to speak the truth to you and your health.