Henry Ford quote Hello there – I am Kaitlynn, the health coach at ND Life Spa! I have been on my own journey of optimal health, weight loss and wellness for quite a few years now. I have the pleasure of assisting and educating our clients on holistic health when we first meet! I get to work with our clients, all dealing with different health issues and objectives, and am dedicated to helping each and every one of them reach their desired goals. No person, or their health situation, is alike and that is what makes my job both challenging and fun! Getting to know my clients and talking with them throughout the week is my favorite part of my position. I love offering encouragement and guidance- it is difficult to do difficult things alone and that is why we work as a team! I am always trying to cook up new recipes and ways to have fun, when it comes to meals and life in general for myself and for ND Life Spa clients! When I am not at the spa I can be found reading (especially if it involves history), adventuring to new and familiar places outdoors, cooking up something good in the kitchen, or spending valued time with my family, friends and furry companions. I am excited to offer fun and encouragement in this space. My goal and hope is that people can enjoy it and that it brings a smile to their faces… and maybe some inspiration too!
Peace and Progress,

Coach Kaitlynn