Light Therapy

Light Therapy Technology extracts fat without surgery! Lose 1 to 8 inches in almost no time at all. This procedure, at ND Life Spa, is simply cold laser light. No cutting or invasive procedures. The same process that exercise causes the fat cells to go through, happens from this amazing technology.

Waves of electromagnetic light unlocks your fat cells, allowing the contents to spill out and be metabolized by the body naturally. Unlike traditional liposuction, there is no pain, no bruising, no swelling, no drugs, and no downtime. It's safe, simple and affordable. At ND Life Spa, our Light Therapy Technology, spot shrinks any area of the body that contains dangerous visceral and unsightly subcutaneous fat in areas such as the outer and inner thighs, butt, under the chin, arms or anywhere fat and cellulite are concentrated on your body. Call ND Life Spa today for a consultation.

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