Hormone Balance

This program is a proven, all natural and safe solution for balancing the endocrine (hormone) system. Whether you're dealing with a thyroid problem, infertility, hot-flashes or other hormonal symptoms, the Doctors at ND Life Spa have safe and effective holistic treatment protocols for all your hormone concerns.

The Natural Doctors at Solutions4 and ND Life Spa have been helping patients with hormone issues for over 30 years.  Before chemically manipulating your body with dangerous prescription hormone replacement, consider the holistic protocols that ND Life Spa offers to balance the body naturally.  Studies show that many traditional hormone treatments can cause serious side-effects, including breast and female cancers, stroke, and weight-gain.  Due to these risks it’s always wise to apply the least invasive treatment first.  Not only are ND Life Spa's treatments non-invasive, but they are also extremely effective and are consistently seeing health miracles with patients of all ages.

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