Candida is a epidemic in our country. Although it's presence and accompanying negative health effects have become more mainstream, there still exists very few treatment options that actually offer true healing and long-term recovery from this pervasive parasite. Left unaddressed, this organism becomes pernicious in the body and often contributes to many chronic health problems.

Do you experience cravings for sugar, alcohol, or grains? How about any of these other symptoms: weight-gain, fatigue, chronic pain, bad breath, bad skin, digestive distress, headaches, yeast infections, fibromyalgia, auto-immune issues, insomnia, and brain fog?  If you answered yes to any of these, you may be dealing with an over-infestation of yeast (Candida) in the body (especially if you have ever been on antibiotics, steroid drugs, like cortisone & prednisone, hormonal birth control pills, or have had periods of prolonged stress from things like divorce or loss of a loved one).

At ND Life Spa we specialize in diagnosing and treating Candidiasis, which is an overabundance of Candida Albian's (a type of yeast in humans).  Our Natural Doctors have been treating Candida gently and effectively for over 30 years.  Come in for an assessment and learn more about our holistic treatment protocols that will allow you to regain your health, fitness, energy, mental clarity and more.

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