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Dr. Blackwood is committed to serving people and has the knowledge, intuition, understanding, skill, and heart for reaching out to people. He is a student of life, always continuing to deepen and expand his understanding, knowledge, and awareness of life.

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Dr. Blackwood is the Upper Cervical Doctor at ND Life Spa, a natural healing center located in Bismarck, ND.  Dr. Blackwood just received his 4th Innovative Doctor of the Year award this year.  As a father of four, his children and patients keep him extremely busy.  Because of his upper-cervical and neurology expertise, and his extensive training in holistic nutrition and natural weight-loss, Dr. Blackwood sees patients from all over the region (including Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Montana, Canada, Fargo, South Dakota, to name a few).  Dr. Blackwood was born and raised in Sothern Idaho where he excelled in baseball and basketball.  He attended Boise State University where he studied pre-med.  He was accepted to Life University in Atlanta, Georgia where he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree.  He is the recipient of “Innovated Doctor of the Year” three years running (an award given to only a handful of holistic practitioners across the country).   He belongs to a group of some of the best natural doctors in the world and they get together 2-3 times a year to discuss what’s working with their patients as well as the latest innovative technologies that can aid in natural healing and weight-loss.

Dr. Blackwood has had an interesting life being on both sides of the health spectrum.  Growing up he was strong, athletic, fast, energetic, ambitious and happy. In his late teens he developed chronic acid reflux and at only 19-years-old medial doctors literally wrapped his stomach around his esophagus and sewed it to itself (the stomach) to create an acid block.  Only two months later he began having severe and chronic stomach pain and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and put on antidepressants.  A year later medical doctors recommended and performed right shoulder surgery due to pain that he would have while throwing a baseball.  The next year Dr. Blackwood had surgery on his left leg because it ached whenever he ran or played basketball.  In his early 20’s he started suffering with insomnia, migraines, and high blood pressure.  He was put on sleeping, headache, and blood pressure meds.  After being accepted to chiropractic school he was hopeful that his run of poor health would be coming to an end; however, even with regular chiropractic care, the headaches persisted and turned into chronic daily migraines and he developed two bulging discs to go with it.  He had a second shoulder surgery at the age of 25 which left him full of pain and stiffness and feeling much worse than before the surgery.  By the time he was 26 he’d been on every migraine medication, had chronic neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, depression, and was contemplating filing for disability.  He couldn’t be a father he wanted to be and definitely was in no shape to help sick people get well.  After years of searching and praying Dr. Blackwood found his answers and is now pain-free, drug-free, and diagnosis-free.  He’s back to playing basketball, softball, golf and being an active dad and husband.  As an added bonus, during his health rejuvenation he shed 30 pounds of fat and has kept if off now for 7 years!

The key to his transformation and how he helps transform the lives of his patients and staff lies in the two super systems of the body (the nervous system and the immune system).  At ND life spa, instead of treating symptoms, we correct the neurology and immune function by using natural treatments and state of the art technology that aids in pain relief, weight-loss, detoxification, lymphatic stimulation and simply, HEALING FROM WITHIN.  This is why some of our patients travel hours and hundreds of miles to be here.  We literally get people well, get them to their ideal weight, and allow people to reduce and even eliminate medications.  We help people utilize their God-given gift of self-healing (which is underutilized when the nerve system, immune system, or both are in a state of imbalance or dysfunction).

If you have weight to lose, mild symptoms, or even chronic illness, Dr. Blackwood can figure out why, and recommend a natural treatment protocol to get you back to feeling happy, healthy, and fit.



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